Principal Duties of the Chairman of the Board

Board Meetings
Chair all meetings of the Board in a manner which utilizes the time of the Board effectively and which takes full advantage of the expertise and experience that each director has to offer.
Ensure participation by all directors in the discussions encouraging directrix to challenge one another, and even foster open dissent on issues that impact the company.
Avoid domination of any one member during a discussion
In consultation with the Senior Independent Director, establish an agenda for each Board meeting which covers all matters which should come before the Board in the proper exercise of its duties.
Corporate Governance
Provide input and support on the selection of committee chairs and membership on Board committees.
Establishment of the agendas for the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee meetings.
Compensation philosophy for the Board and candidates for Board membership.
Be accountable to and provide leadership for all issues of corporate governance which should come to the attention of the Board and the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.
Ensure that the board is included in strategic discussions and is appraised of implementation and monitoring on a regular basis.
Ensure that the Board is provided with full information on the condition of the Company, its businesses, risks and the environment in which they operate.
Facilitate and encourage constructive and useful communication between the management and the Board.
Shareholders’ Meetings
Recommend to the Board for its approval an agenda for each shareholders’ meeting which covers all matters which should come before the shareholders.
Encourage open and honest communication at shareholder meetings and report back on utilization of funds raised at IPO or subsequent share issues.

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