Governing and Leading with Little White Lies?

I hear white lies all the time and what amazes me is the leaders not knowing that their reports know they are lies! When’s the last time you sat in a meeting and heard a “little white lie”?  Perhaps you also found yourself wondering…  ”do they really think I’m that stupid?”

We all have different triggers and thresholds… I’ve come to learn that my white lie-detector is set to quick frustration.   I go from skeptical to anger in a matter of minutes. My people have a hard time, if and when I catch them using white lies. I’ve also found that  I’m not alone. May be this post will make those using white lies know that people know the truth.

Little white lies come in many forms like;
a little spin on the story, strategic ambiguity, manipulated data, left out facts, broken promises, covering our butts, a long introduction to negative news, sugar coating, add bells and whistles to the story to stop people from asking questions,?? and many more.

Little white lies can be used to get you out a sticky situation and buy time. But if you get used to this, you will take the easy route all the time. This will make people skeptical about their interactions with you, destroy your relationships and derail your career.

Intelligent  people can see white lies. If you tell a little lie, they will ask……. directly or in their minds, 
….where did these numbers come from?
….did you tell me the truth last time?
….what else do I need to dig into?
….what aren’t you telling me?
….do you have my back?
….should I work with you again?

It takes courage to share the truth when it’s bad news. Be open in your communications and may be people will help you to get out of your problem. Admit when you’ve screwed up

Ask Yourself…….…
Do you tell the truth every time?
When you present do “they” know you are sharing the whole view?
Do you have a reputation as a straight-shooter and trusted advisor?
Would they work with you again?

Great Leaders Don’t BS

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