The Importance of Discipline

Discipline more than democracy was Lee Kuan Yew’s approach to a new Singapore. Discipline is  key for many aspects in this world. The universe rests on discipline. The planets do not collide with one another but move along their orbits according to rules, if one of them goes out if place it will be a disaster. Gravity, the direction of air or river flow, the direction of the sun rise, etc are all according to rules. If there were no observance of rules, the world would have been a veritable hell of chaos and confusion. 

There can’t be a better example of a disciplined organization than our body. The way various parts and organs of our body function is a marvel of discipline. Imagine the consequence of blood arriving a few minutes late to your brain! So we can easily say the end product of discipline is efficiency; whether it be our body or people there must be discipline.

 At home we are to observe discipline. We cannot rear up good children, if there is no discipline. A house, where there is no discipline, is just like a hell. So discipline should be enforced on children at home. They should be made to feel that discipline is a blessing and indiscipline is a curse, and that one leads to prosperity whereas the other leads to unhappiness and disgrace. 

Self-respect is the root of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.” – Abraham Lincoln

Leaders and followers alike need to be disciplined. If you don’t respect yourself, you’d find it impossible to respect another’s passion for discipline. Examine at least one area of life where you would like more discipline. Assess and list why you would like more discipline there, and how to say no. In small or larger things, override your initial reaction or desire to go the easy way, without rules. Practice saying no to yourself, today. 

Generally, people try to become more disciplined by “trying harder,”  then, when they don’t succeed, they lose confidence, and “prove” to themselves that they “aren’t disciplined.” If you want to be more disciplined in any part of your life, start by saying no to yourself. If, as a leader, you are coaching others to build new skills or behaviors (which requires discipline), help them with the same advice. Each time you say “no” to indiscipline it builds dignity and self respect. A concerted approach will create the discipline you desire.

How disciplined do you believe yourself to be?
Do you have the power to say no to yourself?
How can you use today’s post to increase your level of discipline?

Imagine if the people did not obey the laws of the country, the world would have been a melting pot.

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