Governance 150 years ago!

I was watching ‘Lincoln’ the movie and was amazed by the tactics used in 1865 to pass the 13th amendment to end slavery in the USA. If not for this piece of legislation, there was a better chance for  ‘pigs to fly’ than for a black man to become President in the USA. 100 years later Martin Luther King and many others had to keep up the fight for freedom and now there is Barack Obama! There is probably more legal equality and some racial equality for blacks in America. The opportunity has been created for everyone to do well, if they want to.

Anyway what I was amused about were the subtle threats used against the democrats, offer of other benefits, using influencers and of course when all of those fail show of power and increase in the tone of speech. I guess as long as the cause is genuine and the intentions are good it does make a great story. Specially, in hindsight. 

May be the 3rd world leaders watch these movies and try passing amendments to the constitution, because ‘Lincoln also did’. They use tactics which are far worse and most of the times injurious, threatening or harmful to your health. However, it’s unfair to compare the two situations and say they also did what we are doing. Because the intentions are questionable and the purpose is not for the development of a country. However, one might say, great leaders can chart the future and others do not understand it today. Like President Lincoln’s actions despite the opposition.

Therefore, good governance, at a point in time, would be about good intentions and measures taken out of concern for others.

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