People Get the Leaders they Deserve 

Generally, the above quote is used in a democracy, where it’s said that people always get the government they deserve. On the other hand, when you don’t have to elect leaders also it is normally said that you’ll get the leader you deserve. It may be because the culture in the organization is set in a particular way that everybody behaves like the anecdote of the ‘frog in the pan’. 

In short, if there is a performance based culture, the leaders you get will recognize such behavior. If there is a culture of warming the seat and getting ahead by bum sucking them, the leader you get will be the same.  It’s like the question; did the chicken or the egg come first. Because the culture is set by leaders too and they perpetuate it by ensuring people who think alike, succeed them.

The greatest mistake others make is to watch these useless leaders destroy a company, a project or even a country.

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”- Albert Einstein 

Let’s look at some examples of countries who are Sri Lanka’s new friends:
In Venezuela, Chávez was re-elected for the third period in a vote that mostly pitted the have-nots against the haves.  What was fascinating is, Chávez was unscrupulous,  has managed to mislead, deceive, and betray his people even as he held them in his grip.  He has ruined the state’s main source of revenue, the oil industry.  He has alienated and pursued the more intelligent and resistant people of his country and done consistent damage to the economy.  Despite its rather significant oil wealth, Venezuela’s per capita GDP is 96th in the world.

In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe created an anti-white highly centralized government, which proved to be enormously incompetent and unfair — not only to whites, but also to blacks in the country.  Agricultural policies created bad results and much poverty.  Mugabe was charged with human rights violations and economic incompetence.  His people are poor, undereducated, and unhappy.  Per capita GDP is $500 per year, 224th in the world.  Yet Zimbabweans keep electing Mugabe to the presidency.

Another example is,  Daniel Ortega, ruled Nicaragua by dictatorship.  Since they painted themselves as “freedom fighters,” they got a lot of attention and sympathy from left-wing governments, particularly in Europe, who donated about 10 billion dollars to them.  The money was divided up among the loyalists.  No new schools, hospitals, or roads were built or paved in eleven years.  In the 1990 elections,  the Sandinistas lost and since then a few elected governments ran into many issues and  successive governments attempted to get corruption under control and reignite the economy without much progress.  In the elections of 2007, Ortega won and became an elected president again!  After five years, the per capita income is  169th  in the world.

Do these people deserve the governments they have?  ……Without a doubt?
PS: Sri Lanka is 144th in the GDP per capita list 🙂

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