Governance and the dog’s tail

A leader should have a track record of perseverance, hard work and be resilient. Good leaders set higher standards and expectations for themselves than for anyone who follows them. This would mean setting a higher standard of governance.

Good leaders inspire us by example, not by command and verbal rhetoric. Good leaders would not use “I” and “you” in the same sentence when trying to inspire a team. For example,’ I want to target x% growth and that’s my goal’ but ‘you have to work harder to achieve this’. Meaning, I will target growth and take the credit if we achieve it, but you (not me) have to work hard for me to get my credit!. How about, ‘our target is X and we will work towards it. I will do my best to see that we get there’?

Like the dog’s tail that cannot be straightened, these type of selfish persons cannot be coached to be good leaders and should not be called leaders. Amazingly, the ones without the skills are the ones who become stubborn and inconsiderate, compared to the exceptional performers. Most coaches in sport understand well the game they are coaching. However, all their teams don’t win consistently. The great ones are able to make their players exceed their potential. The most talked of is Sir Alex Ferguson who retired from being the manager of ManU, recently. Those who follow the IPL cricket from India would differentiate captains like MS Dhoni, Shane Warne, Rahul Dravid from Yuvraj Singh, Mahela Jayawardena, Anjelo Mathews,etc.

What could be the positive things to expect from a good leader, with a good governance style:
# Inspire people to believe in themselves. 
# Surround themselves with good people and listen to advice and guidance.
# Be empathetic to people’s needs and ambitions.
# They should be trustworthy.  Not the other way around, too self-absorbed and could not be trusted to place the well-being of the company/team before their own interests.
# Take responsibility when things don’t go according to plan.  Do not point the finger at others when mistakes are made.

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