The Top 10 Reasons Not to Hire Competent People

By Lou Adler (@LouA) is the best-selling author of Hire With Your Head (Wiley, 2007). His new book, The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired, (Workbench, 2013) has just been published.

I copied these reasons because I found it fascinating and factual!

Talent: No evidence of person doing exceptional work, learning rapidly, influencing others on technical matters, or successfully handling comparable technical issues similar to actual job requirements.
Management and Organization: Makes excuses for tasks not being met. Does not have a track record of consistently committing and delivering. Planning is reactive.
Team Skills: No evidence of coaching others or being asked to participate or lead a team project. Little or non-existent multi-functional team growth.
Problem-solving and Decision-making: No pattern of figuring out how to solve problems or make appropriate decisions similar to those likely to be encountered on the job.
Job Fit: Competent to do the work, but few examples of being recently motivated to do the majority of the actual work required.
Managerial Fit: Past success depends largely on leadership style of hiring manager which is different than new manager.
Culture and Environmental Fit: Person’s best work was culturally different from a pace, available resources, process sophistication, and decision-making approach.
Motivation to Do the Actual Job: No pattern of taking initiative in areas essential for job success.
Situational Motivation: Few examples of going the extra mile in areas other than of narrow personal interest.
Source of Motivation: Drive and motivation appears to be circumstantial, unrelated to the actual work or/and inconsistent.

“The number one reason not to hire someone who is competent is lack of motivation to do the actual work required.”

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