Feedback, up and down, important to Govern well?

While giving feedback is an important leadership skill, receiving it openly is as important for your leadership development.

While giving feedback is essential, how you deliver it is also critical. As the leader get involved and stay involved, to give good feedback. Position yourself as a mentor, so that subordinates like to talk to you and receive honest feedback. It’s imperative that, as leaders, you develop relationships with others in the company. Oftentimes, high-ranking employees don’t interact with peers enough, and this can cause conflict across business lines. Avoid this by applying a proactive approach and keeping an open attitude.

Employees want their leaders to know that they are paying attention to them and they appreciate any insights along the way. Successful leaders always provide feedback and they welcome reciprocal feedback by creating trustworthy relationships with their colleagues. Sometimes its difficult to find sensible colleagues, and in companies where the top talent is lost continuously, consider yourself lucky to have a colleague who will share feedback. Good people understand the power of perspective and have learned the importance of feedback early on in their career as it has served them to enable workplace.

Working in an organization that develops talent for others, I consider myself lucky to have people who provide constructive feedback. I also find that good talent take feedback from the top in a developmental way and the others see it as complaints. The latter category is the one I would like to get rid of fast, but the former category get great opportunities, fast, to further their careers.

Make it one of your leadership activities today to reflect on how you receive feedback, and how you put it to use.


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