Corporate Culture of Integrity contributes to making a Great Workplace.

A culture of integrity has to be the ‘tone at the top’. It has to start with and be seen in the conduct of the top executives in a company. At the corporate level, integrity refers to the culture, policies, and leadership philosophy. The leadership must develop a framework of core values and practice them to set an example.

The Great Place to Work Institute, Inc. produces various lists of companies that are considered the most desirable places for employment. These lists are compiled from survey data collected from employees. The Institute uses a proprietary “Trust Index” survey and “Culture Audit” questionnaire in compiling its list of the best places to work. The “Trust Index” focuses on corporate levels of respect and credibility. It consists of 57 statements that cover five areas: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. The “Culture Audit” collects information on the employee demographics, benefits, and perks. It also asks management to describe aspects of corporate culture (GPWI).

Corporates that have values to promote ethical behavior, foster team work and recognize integrity as core to the business will outperform others over a longer term. The Great Place to Work Institute, Inc. maintains that great workplace practices like the above also contribute positively to the bottom-line.

The culture of integrity may be far more important than the starting salary if you’re building a professional career. It is important that you search for an employer with similar good values so that you can work at a great workplace. You need to ‘Trust’ your colleagues, your leaders and have transparency in all dealings, to grow as a professional. If there is a lack of trust, the speed of transactions will reduce and the cost will increase. In short, trust has a favorable impact on the economics of the relationship; trust pays a dividend in terms of speed and reduced cost. Establishing a culture of integrity engenders trust and increases efficiency.

High integrity organizations are characterized as organizations that are collaborative, constructive, transparent, with high employee morale and strong partnerships. They build teams and create value to make them a great place to work.

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