Ideas without Execution.

“Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet” is an appropriate quote for leaders who jump to execute something without thinking through. On the other hand I know leaders who spend a lot of time talking about their ideas with poor execution. Subject to testing an idea for risk, I prefer, less meetings and more time on delivery.

‘More talk and less do’ leaders use Business Development (BD) managers as a poor excuse for implementing ideas, that are not executable anyway! These BDs spend a lot of time in analysis rather than getting things done. They spend time at meetings than on delivery. They spend time on stoking the leaders ego than on presenting facts. Ultimately, the organization is the loser.

While the exact responsibilities of BDs will vary from company to company, the main duties of the Business Development Manager can be summarised as follows:
# Plan approaches and pitches for new clients
# Identify prospect for potential clients and turn this into increased business
# Help build relationships with new clients
# Present to and consult with mid and senior level management on business trends with a view to developing new products and services
# Present new products and services and enhance existing relationships
# Work with other internal colleagues to identify and meet customer needs
# Forecast revenue targets and ensure they are met by the team
# Track and record activity on accounts and help to close deals to meet these targets.

The last two responsibilities are critical for measuring the performance of BDs. If not BDs will be having a relaxed vacation in office, just going for meetings, meeting friends and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Dreams and ideas are good for the world. Just because Einstein, Gates and Jobs had great ideas, it does not mean you can keep dreaming all the time. Ideas need to be coupled with action. It needs the commitment of the person with the idea who is ready to roll up his sleeves and execute it. Mere talk will not get you any where.

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