‘Mens sana in corpore sano’

To govern a company a leader has to be clear headed, able to manage stress and be relaxed. The leadership routine becomes difficult with age and people could get easily stressed out of their jobs. The body’s ability to handle stress include the overall health and fitness levels and emotional well-being.

A daily exercise routine is essential for good health, as exercise stimulates the release of a set of chemical compounds in the brain, called endorphins, which makes us feel generally happier, calmer and clear headed.

Here lies the meaning of the Latin saying ‘mens sana in corpore sano’ which translates to ‘ a sound mind in a healthy body.’ A healthy body is required for a sound mind. Exercise not only promotes overall fitness, but it helps you to manage emotional stress and tension as well. Exercise can also aid in relaxation and improve sleep. For one thing, exercise can emotionally remove one temporarily from a stressful environment or situation. Therefore, being fit and healthy also increases your ability to deal with stress as it arises.

Exercise is only one of the ways to manage stress and lead a healthy life. However, many, like me, struggle to find time to exercise. Balancing family, office, other professional involvements, friends, spiritual needs, etc makes life more complicated. Don’t prioritize your other activities over the demands of the body, because, a healthy body is required for a sound mind.


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