Running with the Hare and hunting with the Hounds #Sri Lankan politician

Definition of ‘run with the hare and hunt with the hounds’ means- Try to remain on good terms with both sides in a conflict or dispute. The new regime in good ole Lanka is trying not to punish previous wrong doers as it may look like revenge and also talk of good governance. Good governance without consequences for bad behaviour will not deter politicians taking the law into their hands in the future.

With so much state investigative resources, isn’t it easy to do an asset reconciliation of those corrupt politicos, public servants, judges and the businessmen behind the corruption and confiscate all that is unexplained. Other option would be to hand over the burden of collecting proof to the private sector, who can be rewarded the same way customs or inland revenue officials are rewarded.

The government has to uphold the right of the people to see perpetrators being brought to justice through the legal system of the country.

How can one not punish the biggest crooks and implement good governance?
How can one encourage non violence and not empower the judiciary to do it’s work?
How can one stop politicians taking bribes without enforcing anti bribery laws?
How can we eliminate bribery and corruption without first refraining from giving a bribe?
How can we let politicians walk away with billions because the newly elected want to ensure their future after they do the same and rob public monies?
How can they stop unscrupulous business leaders without preventing them from taking undue advantage over others?
How can they implement good governance without upholding proper law and order?
How can we expect law and order if the legal system does not take wrong-doers to task?
How can we instill lost confidence in the judicial process without removing the incapable and fraudulent judicial officers from their roles?
How can we stop public servants and politicians demanding commissions from every deal if the newly elected want to be in good terms with the wrong doers?
How can we encourage unity without stopping ‘hate speech’ which incites violence against a race or religion, through a legal process.

OH, how will our prime minister run with the hare and hunt with the hounds? Or else we may ask WHY would he?

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