If you are happy ‘the hole is not at your end’

This is a story of a few people who went on a boat ride. When water started to seep in from the rear end of the boat, everyone thought it was not from a hole but water from outside. Then as it increased some people moved to the other side of the boat. Then when the water was a lot more, some of the good people tried emptying the water as an interim measure, until they reach land. But others were happy that the hole was not at their end. Imagine what would happen to all of them, if they don’t reach land before a small hole in the boat sinks it.

Bad governance is like the hole in the boat. Initially many people get used to it like the frog in a boiling pot. Some of them directly benefit from the misdoings and others enjoy the crumbs. A few try to cry out loud but many ignore them. The many educated men and women would like not to ‘get involved’ and think that the ‘hole is not at their end’. Eventually, like the boat not reaching land, we all suffer the fate of corruption and fraud due to bad governance.

So the next time you see people standing up for good governance, at least don’t discourage them or ridicule them, if you cannot support them. Think of the following quote;

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”- Dalai Lama

There is no one framework for good governance. It requires well-intentioned people who bring their ideas, experiences and other strengths to the table. Therefore we need leaders of moral principle to achieve this status. Anyway, it is an ideal that cannot be achieved in its totality, but worthwhile trying for the good of our society. Show your good intentions when you get a chance, and don’t get to the point of saying ‘the hole is not at my end’.


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One Response to If you are happy ‘the hole is not at your end’

  1. Richard Ebell says:

    Great post, Suren. Very true, and very clearly presented!

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