Human Development, Governance and Economic progress

Good things in life are taken for granted, until they’re taken away.
People in Government need to understand the link between GDPs and governance and human lives. A cart before the horse approach will not work because human development becomes critical in any strategy for economic development. Retaining the brains that are created from our high literacy system is even more important. There is a definite gap in linking growth and human lives and this has to be created consciously through deliberate public policy – such as public spending on social services, education, health and fiscal policy to redistribute income and reduce overall poverty in the country. Our governments have been doing a damn good job of reducing poverty of ministers, members of parliament, municipal, urban and provincial councilors and their friends and families which may amount to 5% of the population and has probably contributed to improving our global ranking!

The data presented here was used in the preparation of the 2014 Human Development Report, released on 24 July 2014 ( by UNDP).

Our county ranking at 73 has improved over the last two decades. However, when compared to the other countries on the map it demonstrates the lack of progress in income levels/ economic growth. This may be not only due to a reduced focus on improving education, health and skills of people, that would enable people to participate in the growth process as well as share its benefits, particularly through employment but also the brain drain during the conflict years.

Therefore, the country has to focus on developing and retaining human capabilities by opening up opportunities and empowering people to participate in economic and political institutions in the country, to achieve our set targets. For this good men and women have to take up governance positions and weed out the uneducated rogue legislators for the benefit of the other 95% living here.

Let me wrap this analysis up with Edmund Burke’s quotes:
“The only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”
“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”


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