Growth with Equity- a second chance for Good Governance.

“Just because you couldn’t vote for the winner yesterday, doesn’t mean that you should not work to make this country a better place”
Simon Sinek the author best known for popularizing the concept of “the golden circle” says to “Start With Why”, which is called the powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?”. If we use it on the voters of Sri Lanka, we all know ‘what’ was done by the previous government and ‘how’ it was done. But, the big question of “Why” was unanswered. May be their intentions were great, but the scandals were even more greater!

The conflict era of 30 years was a long time. Many migrated due to security concerns and an equal amount were called economic migrants who went in search of greener pastures. Those left behind worked hard during the hard times to keep the flag of our pearl of the Indian Ocean flying high. In the post conflict era a few politicians who thought that Sri Lanka was their kingdom and playground tried hard to ruin our international reputation, by justifying unethical, corrupt, murderous and dictatorial behaviour.

Half a decade or so after the end of the disruptive war the nation is still trying to transition from narrow-minded politics to a respect oriented inclusive culture. Many who are not living in the country are happy with the beautiful parks, arcades, walkways and waterfronts and also other infrastructure developments like the roads, port and airport which they enjoy during their short holidays and get out of the country. The many who live here had to suffer the consequences of frauds, corruption and the effects of military like dictatorial whims and fancy of the ruling family.

In January 2015, business, societal and religious leaders were able to influence a section of the voters that Sri Lanka needed a leader who understands democracy, equality and values. On 8January, 6.2 million people saved this country from destruction. Now, on 17 August we’ve got a second chance to further clean up the parliament and reduce the size of government and let the business world play their part. Let those is power implement, “Maximum Governance – Minimum Government” as a policy.

Unfortunately, a change in political party or leadership has not brought changes to the political culture in Sri Lanka. Since independence, two political parties have alternated state power, however, the change of governments did not address economic inequalities or the ethnic, religious interests of all. About 15-20% of the voter swing at yesterday’s election demonstrates their belief in good governance and has contributed to a democratic revolution. A National government may be the answer, but no guarantees!

The voters have spoken and now we need elected representatives who can transcend racial, other ethno-cultural, religious, socio-political boundaries to propel Sri Lanka to be the promising wonder of Asia.

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